Looking Forward to Spring with the Alpacas!

February 25, 2018 Bmeeks 0 Comments

Soooo looking forward to spring and green grass, as are the alpacas! The ice has turned to mud which gets in the alpacas’ toenails, and it’s time for toenail trimming. Hopefully we can catch a nice day this week and get that chore done.

Warm weather will soon beckon me to go out and spend some quality time with the alpacas. One thing I must do is attempt to get Jabez halter broke. He absolutely hates the halter and will not lead. It’s really quite comical as he lowers his head and chest, plants his feet, and will not budge as we try to get him to walk with us. It wasn’t quite as big of a deal when he was smaller and we could just pick him up and place him in the chute to trim his nails and weigh him; but at almost 2 years old he’s not as easy to pack around. I’m well aware that his halter training is going to take some time. I should probably get a video of this.

Our newest baby, Judah, is the sweetest little boy. He is 5 months old and still loves to gives kisses. I wish he wouldn’t outgrow that.

Until spring arrives we will be working fervently in the basement, preparing for the opening of our new onsite Faithful Acres Farm Store. With the store we will be able to offer visitors to the farm the opportunity to shop for socks, gloves, rugs, yarn and roving made from the luxuriously soft fiber from our alpacas, in addition to quilts and a unique selection of home décor. This has been a dream from the start of our alpaca venture, and we are super excited about this expansion of our business.

Have a lovely, blessed day, and if you get the chance, hug an alpaca!!

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