Alpacas–a means to Blessing

May 12, 2018 Barb Owen 0 Comments

When we invested in alpacas in 2015, it was not fully clear to us at the time how they would be a means to a blessing.

I read a quote from a very elderly man, who many years ago had invested $1000 into Walgreen stocks. Today he is leaving the now worth $2,000,000 investment to a charitable foundation after living out a meager life. His statement was, “You have to do some good in the world. That’s what money is for.”

As the farm store is getting closer to opening, I see more and more that the opportunity to have a store on our property is not about sales and making us money. It is all about having the chance to be a blessing.
There is a thrill beyond words at watching people experience the alpacas for the first time. The looks on their faces cannot be measured by money. When they leave and their day has been brightened, our day has been successful.

The Faithful Acres Farm Store will offer a unique place to shop for our community and to those traveling through. The products made from alpaca fiber are unique in quality. You will find vintage home decor and quilts that are one of a kind creations. The experience on the alpaca farm is one you will not find elsewhere. But the greatest thing about it all is being able to bless others with the income we earn.  “That’s what money is for.”  Thank you, Sir.  Lesson learned.

Raising alpacas is a lifestyle. Teaching people how they too can enjoy that lifestyle is a joy. Being able to work and make money from them and their products is both a blessing to us and those we can bless.

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