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June 5, 2018 Barb Owen 0 Comments

I absolutely love it when people call out of the blue and say, “hey, can I bring my kids and some of their friends out to see the alpacas?”, or “I wondered if you would be home today so I can bring my grand kids out?” We will always stop what we are doing to welcome people to the farm!

I wanted to share some pics of recent visitors the alpacas have had. (They love visitors too — because that always means getting treats in the middle of the day!)


This one was taken when a grandma called and wanted to bring her grandsons to see alpacas. Annette said it looked like they were the ones photo bombing the alpacas! Her other grandson has already made his first visit, and his twin baby brothers will come too………. when they get a little older.







We had a pleasant visit from the Media Tech Class of Troy High School, Troy, KS.  This was a sweet group of girls, even offering to help us with flyers, brochures, and anything of that nature we may need.  Stardust was very cooperative and let them lead her by a halter.  After getting to know the alpacas, they came inside for tea and cookies, and made felt coasters from alpaca fiber that they took with them.  I would have let them stay the rest of the day, but their teacher thought they should get back to school.  The one Baby Judah is wanting to kiss is my cousin Hannah.  She arranged the field trip on her own.




This is another cousin who wanted to bring his kids, who brought even more kids along for a fun afternoon on the farm.  They even brought me alpaca pictures they had colored!


A trip to the alpaca farm is a fun, safe, and different way to provide some fun for the kids this summer.  The alpacas are so gentle and sweet, kids of all ages will enjoy an alpaca encounter!




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