Time on the Alpaca Farm is a City Girl’s Dream Come True

July 16, 2018 Barb Owen 0 Comments

Summertime.  School is out, and what better experience for a child from the city than to spend time with relatives in the country.  The whole world of nature opens up to them.  They run and play, explore, get dirty, and breathe the fresh air.  One little city girl got to experience an alpaca farm.

It was truly a joy to meet 10 year old Rachel.  She was visiting her aunt and uncle, Janice and Roger Bennett, who brought their family members over to see the alpacas.  I don’t believe I have yet seen a child so intrigued by our animals.  In fact, she asked to come back again the next day.

On the following day I had time to prepare more activities.  Rachel, her cousin Chase, and Janice and I made felt coasters from the alpaca fiber.  Rachel helped with halter training, and skirting the sheared fiber in preparation for the mill.  She sprayed the alpacas with a garden hose to cool them off.  She was a natural and absolutely loved the alpacas and her experience here!  As you can see from the photo, the alpacas loved her too!

Rachel told her aunt, “I think I was meant to live in the country…my parents just haven’t let me yet.”  ♥

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