“And one day the universe will grant me an alpaca!”

June 18, 2019 Barb Owen 0 Comments

Is this your dream? Have you thought, “perhaps one day the universe will grant me my own alpaca?” Is this a lifestyle you have thought of pursuing? Then step into my dream world of alpaca ownership…

On the best days, when I do not have demands from other areas, I wake up just after sunrise, grab a cup of coffee, and step out onto the deck to a quiet, peaceful, sometimes humming world of alpacas basking in the sun in my backyard. They acknowledge me with a glance as I say good morning to the girls and the boys, then go about grazing and soaking up the sun’s rays.

The day’s chores for them are minimal: making sure they have clean water, feeding each one a small cup of their feed supplement pellets, and scooping up the dung piles (which are communal piles, making this task easier). Every six to eight weeks their toenails must be trimmed. They are sheared once a year in the spring, and worming shots are given then. As far as care, that is about all that is required. Alpacas are very low maintenance.

The days get even better when a new baby, called a cria, is born. These 14-20 lb. curly haired, big eyed, leggy bundles of sweetness are the cutest little things you have ever seen running around the lot. The other females act like “aunties” and watch out for the babies. We hope to have several new ones by this time next year, and we love to have visitors come out to see them! Warning: Alpacas can cause an overwhelming loving sensation to your soul. Those with a weak heart come at your own risk!

If you are interested in learning more, plan a visit to our farm. If you would like to begin your own alpaca farming venture, we will be glad to help you get started and mentor you along the way! Whether you want fiber animals for yarn or want to raise and sell animals, we have some package deals for sale to meet your needs.

I must, however, squash any dreams of owning just one alpaca. These are herd animals, and will not thrive alone. So if the dream in your head had one alpaca pronking around in your backyard, let me awaken you from that. At least I will not be the one to sell you just one alpaca without the companionship of at least one or two more. These are pretty defenseless animals and their security is in numbers. That’s why “package deals” are usually available from any reputable owner. We care about our animals and want them to thrive and live happy at their new home. Two, or better, three animals are suggested for new owners.

Life is too short not to pursue your dreams of happiness with alpacas. Give us a call. We can set up a meeting with you to discuss your new adventure in alpaca farming. Alpaca lunch!

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