What You Can Learn From Alpacas During Covid-19

April 28, 2020 Barb Owen 0 Comments

Looking out the window this morning I saw a picture of serenity. I grabbed my phone and notebook and headed outside to spend some time in the alpaca world.

From the vantage of the alpacas’ view, I see it is an absolutely picture perfect day. The sun is shining and a gentle warm breeze is blowing. The birds are singing. Cows are bellowing a song. Our annual pair of geese honk overhead as they head to their nesting box on the pond. Alpacas are lying in the sun or grazing. A perfect picture in creation.

The alpacas show me they do not have a care in the world. New grass is springing up to eat. Fresh cool water is always available. They have shelter over their heads from the storms. They have all they need in the comfort of their home and the love of their family. They do not fear, for they are protected and well provided for. And so they rest…

Do we not have the same? We should live in the same state of trust and rest. Psalm 91 assures us that we are safe and protected under His wings. It says a 1000 may fall at our right hand and 10,000 at our left, but no plague will come near our dwelling place. The Almighty God, Creator of the Universe, sends His angels to protect us. Our health, safety, protection, prosperity and peace are in God’s hands, and is available for those who “will say of the Lord, my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” (vs. 2)

There is no reason to fear what goes on in the world. God’s Grace is available to anyone who will trust Him. His Grace is everything we are, have, and can do through the finished work of God’s son, Jesus. Here at Faithful Acres Alpaca Farm we rest in His promises, because we know that He is faithful. Just like the alpacas know, there will be grass to eat, water to drink, and a place to lay our heads. And the storms of life will not prevail.

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